Niagara Region

St. Catherines was our home base while we explored the Niagara region.

Welland Canal Lock 3

I was fascinated by the Welland Canal. It was incredible to watch the massive freighters going through the various locks. We were able to drive close to all 8 of the locks that allow ships to navigate from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie. This engineering marvel has no pumps and relies entirely on gravity to fill and empty each lock. I learned it takes ships 11 hours to travel through 8 locks and 7 bridges (that need to open to allow the ships to continue) as they make their way from one lake to the other.

At Welland Canal Myseum

We drove through Old Fort Erie, where the Niagara River flows into Lake Erie. It seemed strange to think the tall buildings we saw across the river were in Buffalo New York. We chose not to cross the Peace Bridge that connected the two countries.

Niagara Falls

Next on our tour was the world renowned Niagara Falls. The spray was visible long before the falls came into view.

Niagar Falls

The falls are magnificent and a rainbow seen in front of the water added to the beauty. Many pictures were taken as we strolled the walkway and felt the refreshing spray on this hot, humid day.

Niagara on the Lake

Another attraction in this region is the lively area of Niagara On The Lake. We followed Niagara Blvd and past vineyards and orchards. A stop was made at a farm where we purchased peaches and apples. Fresh from the grower makes such a difference to flavour!

Orchards at Niagara on the Lake

This lush area is one we thoroughly enjoyed.

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