Pleasure-Way Row

On one of our trial runs we decided to camp in the overflow area at the Canadian Gospel Music Celebration.  There were a few other campervans scattered throughout the area but none like ours.

Imagaine our surprise when we were led to our designated spot and found two other Pleasure-Ways already set up there.

The owners of all three gathered together, had tours of the other vans and told stories about their travels to find and purchase their vehicle.  The interior was slightly different in each one, but one thing was constant. That was the appreciation for their Pleasure-Way and the compact and efficient method of travel it affords.

We were off to a great start!pleasureway-row.jpg

Author: timewithtandy

Tandy is an Author and Inspirational Speaker. Originally from Vancouver, BC she now makes her home in Calgary, AB. Tandy has published three books. Her second book, Dragonflies, Snowdrifts & Spice Cake, was a finalist for Canadian Inspirational Book in 2016. She has been a contributor to anthologies as well as being published in national and international magazines. Tandy enjoys spending time with family and friends and is active in her community as a volunteer with a personal development seminar. She is also a member of two local and two national writer organizations. Find out more on her website

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