Vanessa’s Trial Run

day 1Last week I introduced you to Vanessa, our twenty plus-year-old camper van and told you of the joy our granddaughters had in making this their home for a night.

My husband and I got our turn in the van almost a week after the girls did. We were invited to an eighty-fifth birthday celebration for an aunt who lives six-hundred and fifty kilometres away. Our initial thought was to drive our fuel-efficient car, spend one night in a hotel and drive back home.

After talking about it, we came to the conclusion that it would be just as cost efficient to drive the van. That way we could take an extra day and have our food and sleeping accommodation right with us. What we saved on these expenses would easily offset the extra fuel cost. Not only that, it would be good preparation for our proposed longer trip later this summer.

A friend loaned us a generator and our son-in-law dropped off a hitch carrier so we could keep the generator, gas can and our portable barbeque outside the van.  We found appropriate bins to place these in and strapped them onto the carrier. Hours were spent loading Vanessa with everything we needed and might possibly need along the way. Items inside were rearranged to make the most efficient use of our limited space.

After adding a few last minute things on the Friday morning, I took a picture of Vanessa and we set off on our adventure. Brian and I were both excited and nervous about how our long weekend would unfold. This would be the first time not only driving the van this far – but sleeping in it.

Two hours into our trip we stopped at a rest area for a quick break and to stretch our legs. The line-up at the washrooms was very long and neither of us wanted to wait, so we headed back to the van and used the one there.  Score one for Vanessa! This form of travel definitely had its advantages.

A little later we stopped for lunch. Brian and I are no strangers to picnicking in our vehicle. Normally I rummage through the cooler in the backseat for the food, bring out the plastic plates and cutlery and we balance our meals on our laps.  Not this time!

We opened our little fridge, chose what we wanted, added accompaniments from our pantry before sitting comfortably at our dinette table to enjoy our meal.  I was even able to wash the dishes before we resumed our travel.

A decision had been made to stop for the night about one hundred kilometres from our final destination.  Brian searched online to find free overnight RV parking and two options were found. The first had signs on the property saying no overnight parking, so we crossed that one off of our list.

The second was in a mall parking lot. There were signs near the stores to let us know overnight parking was not allowed, but not near the perimeter of the lot. Before settling for a rest area another five minutes down the road, we decided to go into one of the larger stores in the mall and ask permission to stay in the parking lot.

We were told long-term parking was not acceptable but a night or two would be fine. In fact, they encouraged it as a means of deterring mischief or vandalism when the stores were closed.

We found an area and set up camp. A light drizzle had started so we decided to make dinner using our propane stove rather than set up a table with the barbeque. Afterwards, we wandered through the mall before settling down with a cup of tea and something to read.

We had chosen not to use the generator for electricity so as the natural light faded, so did we. The dinette was converted into a bed, the curtains were pulled and we settled in for the night. This was our first night boondocking.

Boondocking, isn’t that a funny word? It means ‘camping without services’. I’ve also heard it called dry camping, but that isn’t nearly as interesting as saying, boondocking! Just using the word makes me feel like an adventurer! Who knew I’d be so happy to spend the night sleeping in a parking lot!

The next day we drove to our destination city and parked overlooking a river for lunch. Kamloops viewpointIt was peaceful and Brian and I each stretched out on one of the dinette benches. He had a nap while I spent some time reading. We changed in the van for the birthday barbeque before joining the party.  I was appreciating this lifestyle more and more.

After the party, we set up camp in the host’s driveway, where we plugged in and had the convenience of lights to read by.

Our trip home was leisurely as we stopped at fruit stands and anywhere else that captured our interest. To maximize fuel economy we drove slower than we would have in our car. This turned out to be a benefit rather than a deterrent as we arrived home more relaxed than normal.

There are still some adjustments to be made before we will be ready for a longer trip.

I appreciate having a bathroom, but have to learn how to manoeuvre in one so tiny, the only way to lean over the little sink is to sit on the toilet! I also need to announce when I am opening the door to avoid hitting my husband with it. The compact space requires consideration for the other at all times. This is a skill I can always use more practice in.

All in all, I’d say that Vanessa’s trial run was a success.  So much so that I think we’ll do it again. We are heading to a Gospel Music Celebration next weekend and plan on taking Vanessa with us.

Author: timewithtandy

Tandy is an Author and Inspirational Speaker. Originally from Vancouver, BC she now makes her home in Calgary, AB. Tandy has published three books. Her second book, Dragonflies, Snowdrifts & Spice Cake, was a finalist for Canadian Inspirational Book in 2016. She has been a contributor to anthologies as well as being published in national and international magazines. Tandy enjoys spending time with family and friends and is active in her community as a volunteer with a personal development seminar. She is also a member of two local and two national writer organizations. Find out more on her website

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